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Wallpapers of France, 1800-1850

Wallpapers Of France, 1800 1850 - Odile Nouvel This was another of my early acquisitions. I bought this at the Restoration II show in Washington DC, I believe it was 1992. There was a fantastic bookstore on the convention floor.What Ms. Nouvel does in this book is to not only show the intricate beauty of French block printing from the period, in all of its astonishing color, precision and elegance, but more importantly (in my view) she grounds this appreciation of the visual with an equally important appreciation for the practical story of how wallpaper was printed, chosen and installed in the late 18th and early 19th century. The texts inform us that Reveillon was a paperhanger, Papillon was a paperhanger, and describe how canvas and tacks and arrangement played such an important role. As another example of how greatly this book differs from most wallpaper books, which are all about surface design, there is even a section describing how the Zuber factory was able to produce iris (rainbow) papers, including (get this) an actual text of a patent from 1826, including diagrams! It was brilliant groundbreaking work like this that Bernard Jacque emulated over the next 25 years or so with his own important output of research into wallpaper history, most of which, very unfortunately, is not even in English, let alone easily available in English-speaking countries. Yet, Bernard built on the foundation erected by Odile Nouvel in this indispensable book: Wallpapers of France 1800-1850. If you ever get a chance to buy this, grab it!